"Committed to providing an educational & fun sporting environment to all participants"

Without volunteers we would not be able to function for the benefit of all involved. Any offer of help is appreciated – big or small.

Thank you,
Gill Davies
Past President, LIEC


  2019 Membership Form  

If you have any questions please contact the Membership Chair, April Sheldrake at apesleung@yahoo.com dressagering


Entry Secretary is Sheryl Williams: luxesport@live.ca

Volunteer Duty Descriptions needed for each Show
Setup Set up dressage surrounds on the night prior to the show.
Runner Get tests from judges booth and deliver to show office for scoring.
Whipper-In Coordinate riders in warm-up ring and communicates when riders can enter dressage ring.
Scorer Adds up dressage test scores.
Take Down Be at show grounds 20 minutes prior to end of show - pack up surrounds into trailer.
Trailer to Venue Pick up trailer from where it's stored and bring it to the show venue the night before for setup.
Return Surround Trailer Hitch up surround trailer after end of show and return it to where it's stored.
Scribe Transcribe judges comments on dressage tests for rider copy.